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Prices vary depending on condition & size. 

Blue car being washed

Refresh- Full Interior

Prices starting at $129

Trash removal, vacuum front to back, clean and HYPERCOAT (polish & protectant) all interior doors, middle and front console. Shampoo/treat floor matts. Clean and polish all interior windows & glass. Car freshener of customers choice.    

Revive- Exterior

Prices starting at $30 & up

Hand wash vehicle with Meguiars Advanced Hydrophobic Polymer Soap for shine and protection. Apply NO SCRUB wheel and tire cleaner.

Car Interior
Car Headlights

Additional Service

a la carte

Clay Bar treatment-  starting at $30

Complete wax & polish- starting at $50

Headlight restoration- starting at $50

Scratch removal- starting at $40

6 month Ceramic coating- starting at $60

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